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You are feeling stuck, confused or just plain scared.
The big change is looming or is already happening.

You might feel overwhelmed.
It might feel like jumping off the cliff.

Take a deep breath. You are not alone. There are proven tools to help you navigate those uncertain times.
Chicago Life Coach  
My name is Monika. I am a Positive Psychology life coach and consultant.

It's my passion to help others uncover their strengths and resources to navigate change
one step at a time. After five years of studying Positive Psychology and Art Therapy,
and applying what I've learned to my own life, I've started Positive Approach coaching
to help others move through transitions with more ease and grace.

I use research based Positive Psychology (an emerging branch of psychology focused
on human flourishing as opposed to illness and disease) as the backbone of my practice.

I wrap around it various creative techniques derived from Art Therapy to access
subconscious layers of your mind. It’s a powerful mix of left brain pragmatism
and right brain intuition. Because ultimately everything is interconnected.

I work with people just like you.

People who are going through a transition. Who are going through the time of unraveling.
Who are at crossroads trying to figure out the next chapter in their lives.

It doesn’t matter if you are going through divorce, geographical move, career change,
experiencing loss of some sort, or entering midlife.

I'll share with you practical tools to uncover your strengths and use them as fuel to move forward.
There are few ways we can work one-on-one. Curious? Click the button to email me.
bullet You can go at your own rate on a per-session basis.
bullet You can obtain a coaching package at a discount (4 or 6 sessions).
bullet Or you can dedicate one full-day to Life Audit to map out strategy.
Coach with me
Are you wondering what you’ll gain after working with me?

While working with me you will start feeling in control again. You’ll realize that no matter
the circumstances - you have options. You’ll have someone who recognizes your challenges
as well as your accomplishments. You’ll feel seen and heard.
bullet You’ll gain clarity and a sense of direction.
bullet You’ll recognize and harness your strengths and resources to move forward.
bullet You’ll know where to focus your time and energy for the maximum benefit.
bullet You’ll get scientifically proven techniques to navigate change and manage uncertainty.
bullet You’ll learn effective research-based methods to overcome obstacles.
bullet You’ll learn how to generate positive emotions and manage stress effectively.
bullet You’ll have more energy and increased creativity levels.
bullet Your health and relationships will improve (mostly because you’ll be less stressed).
bullet And last but not least you will sleep better :)
What can you expect? Here’s a peek into coaching process.
Coaching process-stage one Coaching process-stage two Coaching process-stage three

We begin with examining where you are
and where you’d like to go.
In this phase we will use variety of
diagnostic and assessment tools to
identify your strengths and talents.
This step allows you to cut through
confusion and sets you up for
a smooth transition.

We’ll create a map leading to your
desired destination. We’ll engage
in solution building to overcome
obstacles, identify your resources
and find effective ways of utilizing
them. We’ll work on easing your fear
of the unknown and peek to see
what’s around the corner.

We'll work on solidifying your
achievements to ensure that
changes you made stick.
Neuroscientists say it takes time
to build new neural pathways in
your brain, and we want to make
sure that the structure you built
is solid enough to sustain you.
Little something about me

I’ve always been fascinated by the depths of human psyche and laws guiding human behavior. As a child I used to subject my whole family
to personality tests. At the same time I always loved art and drawing, so when I discovered art therapy (combination of art and psychology),
I just knew I stumbled upon something significant. I am equally inspired by art as I am by science.
What truly fascinates me is the intersection of science and spirituality.

I’ve had successful career in user experience and visual design field. As a designer, I’ve used my intuition to come up with creative solutions
and then my rational thinking to design within business and technical constraints. That capability informs my approach to coaching.

If there is one common thread running through my life, it’s change and adaptation. I was born and raised in Poland.
At the age of twenty one I transferred to university in Chicago, and for past eighteen years I called America my home.
In the meantime, I left difficult marriage which left me broke and broken for a while, faced serious medical challenges and overcame disability.
On the professional front, for the past several years, I’ve been working as an independent designer which requires me to jump
into new situations, rapidly pick up competencies, and pull resources to hit the ground running.

The methods and techniques I use with my clients helped me when I was going through difficult times in my life.
I am grateful to my teachers for introducing me to those wonderful tools, and I am honored to share them with you.
I must confess, when I slack off and don’t practice what I preach my life is not pretty :)
Since I'm a lifelong learner, I foresee many more degrees and certificates in the future, including Masters Degree.
I'm an avid reader and I constantly devour the latest and the greatest in psychology research.

bullet Applied Positive Psychology Certificate - Kripalu Center (2013)
this comprehensive year-long month program taught by Tal Ben-Shahar, covered such topic as realizing dreams, implementing
positive change, making effective choices, utilizing body and mind connection, life coaching, and generating positive emotions.
bullet Art Therapy Certificate - Northwestern University (2012)
Coursework included: Art Therapy Foundations, Art Therapy Methods, Trauma and Art Therapy, Creative Process in Art Therapy,
Group Art Therapy, Myth and Storytelling in Art Therapy, Projects and Materials.
bullet Positive Psychology Coaching Wholebeing Institute (2013)
Life coaching methods based on Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Appreciative Inquiry.
bullet B.A Economics - Loyola University Chicago (1999)
Career Coach

Let's chat. Drop me a line at {monika at monikaw.com}